What is an expository essay: Definition and Guidelines

One of the typical academic complications faced by many students is the great variety of assignments. There are so many of them that it is quite easy to get lost amongst this variety. At times, the differences are pretty slight. However, the similarities also help to figure out the structure and some other essentials, which are common to all writings. Many students ask, "what is an expository essay?" Some mistake it for an exploratory essay just because they are written with almost the same letters. However, the difference does exist.

Writing an expository essay is one of the most challenging assignments students get to complete during the course of their studies. So if you wish to learn more about writing such essays, look up a research paper writing service online. Expository essays are composed in a few compulsory steps: prewriting, drafting a copy, revision, editing, and only then writing the final version of your paper. Expository essays are usually written about a specific idea, topic, and concept of philosophical or scientific thought. Before writing an essay, do your research and find works you might use as inspiration. Read some examples of essays that have a similar topic to the one you've chosen, too. Of course, do not neglect to proofread your essay carefully – you might be able to find some mistakes you didn't see before. Be careful not to plagiarize other authors and their written works. Your essay could attract a lot of attention if you write it well – so do your best.

This essay type requires from a student in-depth research. It’s necessary to investigate a specific idea, give an evaluation of the evidence, widen the horizons of some concept, and clarify the studied question with a clear and logical argument.

While writing an expository essay, your principal objective is to “explain” or “define” the central concept. No references to the author’s emotions and opinion are required. You simply should describe the studied issues in a fair manner without your personal attitude. Give a clear and balanced analysis.

When you write this essay, try to follow a definite plan. It helps to set objectives and fulfill them effectively step by step. The stages are:

  • Prewrite
  • Draft
  • Revise
  • Edit
  • Write

All these stages are well-known. However, we’ll highlight each of them.

Expository Essay Definition from A to Z

The expository essay meaning is obvious due to its name. You are to expose some idea, concept, belief, etc. It should be done fairly and objectively. You aren’t allowed to express your own opinion. Simply state the facts as they are.

It is remarkable that even though you are to carry out in-depth research, you aren’t obliged to be abnormally “scientific.” You are free to use the whatever-you-wish support. You should reveal the essence of the studied aspect. However, you may refuse to use official data. For instance, you should tell how modern technology changes our life. There are instructions on how to do this and what to write in conclusion. It’s up to you what methods to use and what conclusions to draw.

After you define an expository essay, you are supposed to figure out how to disclose it. Different methods and techniques are used. Amongst the most popular ones are comparison and contrast, the analysis of cause and effect, a simple definition of the term, or you may emphasize the question with the help of examples. Other methods are used too.

Sometimes, everything depends on the topic. If you choose it correctly, you have all chances to succeed. Pick up a theme, which is relevant and captivating. It should bring some profit to other people. Besides, it would be good to select the one, which is interesting for you. Thus, you’ll describe it easily and with more enthusiasm.

Here are a few tips to make a topic exciting and good:

  • Choose an arguable question
  • Choose a narrow concept
  • Your main question shouldn’t be solved before
  • There should be not much clear information about it
  • Compose it wisely so that different people with different worldviews are interested in it
  • Link your topic to an enduring problem

What Is the Purpose of an Expository Essay?

The purpose of an expository essay is to investigate a certain fact, idea, concept, etc. plainly and reasonably. An author should remain objective. You’re free to choose the evidence. One may implement various effective methodologies. Of course, it’s necessary to know some prompts on how to be prepared and get started to write this important assignment. Here are a few of them:

  • Learn your topic
  • Read similar essay samples
  • Find the evidence
  • Craft a basic outline
  • Define your writing style
  • Discuss your outline with your supervisor, student fellows, some other people who are competent with this stuff
  • Write a draft
  • Proofread and edit your project
  • Write the final version

There are some recommendations on how to compose this, as well as other, academic pieces of writing. They are universal. Accordingly, they are suitable for all writings.

Before you even start to compose this assignment, get prepared for it. Brainstorm the main question. Note all ideas that occur to your mind. Sort them out and select the most promising ones. Afterward, base the search of information on those ideas. Refine the received search results and leave those, which benefit your research in the most advantageous way.

Your next move is to draft. Don’t even try to write everything at once. It won’t work. You’ll definitely make some awful mistakes, which may cost many essential grades. Write after you create an outline. It should be logical and take into account all stages of writing.

Revise your draft(s). You’ll surely spot some weak sides and errors. It would be wise to ask other people to read the paper. At times, somebody else may see the drawbacks you’ve omitted. After you find out all the flaws, edit your project. Correct all spelling and grammar mistakes, replace weak parts with the strong ones, etc. Finally, you are free to write and publish your writing.

Expository Essay Structure

Writing an expository essay may induce definite obstacles. Nonetheless, you can easily overcome them if you know what to write about and what techniques to implement. Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to be aware of the structure of an expository essay.

Fortunately, it has no unconventional demands. Its structure is pretty similar to other academic papers. Its structure is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Main plot
  • Conclusion

The primary purpose of the expository essay introduction is to attract the reader’s attention. It contains the thesis statement of your writing and the original and unique idea of your project. Make it catchy and relevant for the potential audience.

The main plot should support and develop your thesis statement. Use the approved feedback. Use examples, graphs, quotations and something of the kind. Make sure your support fully reflects what you are trying to claim.

The conclusion should summarize the entire project. It should be brief. Use about 3-5 sentences. They should be plain and straight to the point. Give a short summary of your research. Mention all results and show the importance of your scientific research.