Expository Essay Prompts for Middle and High School Students

Few students like writing essays and the reason for that is strict structure and formatting requirements. When you are given a task to create the expository essay, you may spend hours searching for an interesting topic. Except for being properly structured, your essay should also impress the audience and get them thinking about the discussed problem.

In this article, we’ll analyze the most relevant expository essay writing prompts which will help you create an A+ assignment. If you’re allowed to select a topic, you should take this opportunity because that will make the writing process much more enjoyable. It is a lot of fun to explore the theme you like — that way, you’ll enhance your writing and analytical thinking skills, enjoy the task, and won’t get bored.

Expository Essay Prompts — High School Edition

The primary goal of the expository essay is to explain and inform. The topic can be entirely different, but keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to share your personal opinion. You just need to provide the target audience with an in-depth description of a particular event. Therefore, to prepare a high-quality essay, you need to process the relevant literature and base your writing on only trusted sources.

It’s really frustrating when you can’t decide what topic can help you unlock your creativity and create a top-notch paper. Therefore, we have come up with the below list of expository essay prompts for high school that can be used for your assignment:

  1. How to get the best part-time job? Explain steps students should follow to find a good part-time job.
  2. What is your hobby? Write an informative essay about your hobby. Explain why you like it and how much time you spend on your hobby every day.
  3. What is your favorite family tradition? Inform the audience of your favorite family tradition.
  4. Write about the benefits of aerial photography. Aerial photography is extremely popular nowadays, so you should describe all its advantages.
  5. Is it necessary to take a student loan if you wish to study in college or university?
  6. Describe what measures should be taken to prevent drug abuse.
  7. What is your favorite family holiday?
  8. Discuss the screen time problem. Should parents reduce the time children spend on playing games or watching cartoons?
  9. Why should people travel a lot?
  10. What can you do to make your country better?

Inspiring Expository Essay Prompts Middle School

The expository essay allows students to pick up essential communication skills. Therefore, they should develop their writing skills as soon as possible. We’ve created a list of unique middle school expository essay prompts that can be useful for writing an A+ essay. Have a look at the below list and select the one which will help you achieve your goal:

  1. You need to advertise your school. What benefits will you list?
  2. Why should teachers use educational video games in class?
  3. What measures should be taken to reduce the number of homeless animals?
  4. Describe the benefits of physical exercises.
  5. Why should young people do sports and eat a healthy diet?
  6. Inform the audience about a recipe of your favorite dish.
  7. Do you help your parents? Write about your household chores.
  8. During an evening walk, you come across a thing which is not yours. What should you do in this case?
  9. Who is your favorite actor or actress?
  10. What is your favorite breakfast? Who cooks it? Describe it in your essay.

Before writing prompts expository essays, we spent a lot of time on the Internet searching for popular topics. Rest assured that you won’t have any problems with your essay if you choose any of the topics provided in our article. Sometimes, it may take students hours to write an essay but what they end up with can hardly be called a high-quality academic product. The main reason why it happens is that they chose a topic they don’t really like. If you don’t enjoy the process of writing or you feel the topic is too dull for you, you won’t get a good grade for this task. Therefore, you should spend a lot of time searching for great ideas to cover in your essay.

If you struggle with finding an interesting subject, you should ask your teacher to give you some useful tips. Usually, teachers know their students well, so they will be happy to help you select the best topics for your essay.